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What is 3D Printing?



Welcome to the ROBO3D educational site! This is the perfect place to begin your journey into 3D printing - here you will find tools for your own learning, as well as projects that you can bring into the classroom in order to teach your own students.

Whether you are brand new to 3D printing or an experienced tinkerer, you'll find useful resources for your classroom. Once you register for this free program, you'll be able to follow and download the course materials.

About This Course

Welcome to Introduction to 3D printing with ROBO3D.

In this program, you will find the resources that you need to get your printer up and running, and understand the software that controls it so that you can start making your first prints.

Course Sections

Here you'll find all the tools you need to get started - whether you're a 3D printing newcomer, or know your way around but want to ge to know this printer better, this is a perfect starting place. As educators, you can utilize this information to imform yourself as well as your students - the program includes instructional videos and slideshows that you can use and download for use in the classroom.

Introduction to 3D printing: Learn the basics, become familiarized with the terminology and the tools of the trade.

Introduction to MatterControl: Learn to use the software that controls the ROBO3D printer, understand the protocols and get ready to start printing.

Once you have become familiarized with the ROBO3D printer and related software, we recommend that you move into working with the free online 3D modeling software, Tinkercad. Each grade level coursework included in the ROBO3D educational site comes with an introduction to Tinkercad. If you are new to 3D modeling, this is a great place to begin your own learning. You will also be able to download these resources for use in your own classroom

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    Jan 15, 2015